RNs:  Care Coordinators & Neighborhood Nurses

The  RNs ensure that resident cares are completed within regulatory compliance, while nurturing a person-centered and resident directed culture. 

LPNs:  Household Nurses

The LPNs ensure that resident cares are completed within regulatory compliance, all while creating community and maintaining “home.”

Dee - Clinical Mentor

The Clinical Mentor is the Director of Nursing, and plans, organizes, develops and directs the overall nursing operations within long term care

Tanya - Assistant Clinical Mentor

The Assistant Clinical Mentor is the Assistant Director of Nursing, and provides assistance in the planning and organization of nursing operations within long term care.

Nursing assistants


 Certified Nursing Assistants are the residents’ closest advocate, and are central to our mission by providing individual-directed care to the residents.  Care provided is intended to meet the residents’ daily needs and enable them to function at the highest possible level. 

This is a versatile role, promoting the residents’ psycho-social well-being through meaningful relationship building.  Team are designed to meet the needs of both the residents and the staff, always providing support, friendship and kindness. 

Our Caregivers work in Long Term Care or Short Term Rehab.

Our Care Attendants work in Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.  TMA experience here is helpful as this role passes medications in addition to providing direct resident care.

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Sheila - Training Program Coordinator


The Homemaker provides excellent service to residents.  The Homemaker serves resident meals and performs other dining-related services in the household.  In addition, the Homemaker provides laundry and housekeeping services for the residents. 


Life Enrichment


Allison - Life Enrichment Mentor

The Life Enrichment Mentor provides a diversity of opportunities for meaningful pursuits, daily pleasures, recreation, exercise, friendships, social interaction, growth and learning, fun and enjoyment, personal routines and household rituals. 

Ronnie - Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator works with volunteers to assist with creating a fun community for all residents.

Glen - Chaplain

The Chaplain meets the spiritual needs of residents and their families through thought-provoking, spiritually uplifting worship experiences, ongoing religious education programs, pastoral care and counseling, and social activities that promote church and community spirit. 

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services discipline maintains our physical environment for a clean and comfortable home for the residents.  The Environmental Services Coordinator plans, implements, and supervises the daily activities of the housekeeping and laundry functions of the organization. 


Building Operations


Tom - Building Operations Mentor

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The Building Operations discipline maintains the physical environment - inside and out - to provide a safe and comfortable home for the residents.

Culinary Services


Adrian - Nutrition & Wellness Mentor

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The Nutrition & Wellness Mentor provides nutrition and wellness programs for both residents and staff, including the medical nutrition therapy program.

Matt - Culinary Services Coordinator

The Culinary Services Coordinator delivers the nutrition and culinary services program for the residents, including the ordering, safety, storage, and preparation of all food and supplies, and the supervision of staff.

Social Services


Liz - Move-in Mentor

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The Move-In Mentor develops a referral base of residents whom the organization can provide individual-directed care.  The Move-In Mentor is the Director of Admissions, and fields inquiries from various sources, gathers information, determines placement options and facilitates moving in to the appropriate household.

Karin - Social Services Mentor

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The Social Services Mentor ensures that the psycho-social needs of residents are met as part of their individual-directed care.  The Social Services Mentor assists in the planning, development, implementation, and direction of the social service function.


Clinical Support

The Health Information Coordinator supports resident health and safety.  This role works with an interdisciplinary team to maintain resident medical records in an organized work environment. 

The MDS Coordinator assesses residents for care, which contributes to fiscal viability.  This role coordinates the Minimum Data Set (MDS) process for residents throughout their stay. 



In a traditional facility, residents live on floors or in units.  On our campus, residents live in Households - and a pair of households make up a Neighborhood.

Each Neighborhood has a leadership team:  the business/operations manager and the nurse manager.  Together, the neighborhood teams create the sense of fun, family, and community within the neighborhoods for all residents and staff.  And, of course, they also make sure resident care is provided in a quality manner that adheres to regulations from state and federal agencies

Paula, RN

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Heidi, RN

Lenny, LPN


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Tanya, RN


Chris, RN


Amy, RN

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Darlene, RN

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Jeanne, RN

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Office & Administration

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Janet - Mission & HR Coordinator

The Mission & HR Coordinator provides excellent service to employees, residents, and visitors.  The Mission & HR Coordinator greets all visitors to the Corporate Office and performs a variety of administrative duties and projects for the Mission Leader and the Corporate Board of Directors.  

Judy - Office Coordinator

The Office Coordinator supports employee education and safety.  The Office Coordinator supports resident health and safety through ensuring employees have access to appropriate equipment and supplies.

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Rita - Development Coordinator

The Development Coordinator provides support to the Foundation.  Alongside the Foundation & Development Leader, this role provides leadership, vision and direction for the organization and the Foundation.

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Sue - Mission Leader

The Mission Leader leads the strategy behind the vision, mission, and values.  The Mission Leader is the Chief Executive Officer, and interprets the philosophy and policies of the corporation as set forth by the Board of Directors. 

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Kyla - Community Leader

The Community Leader ensures that residents are provided with individual-directed care.  The Community Leader is the Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, and is responsible for managing all aspects of facility operations and compliance with federal and state regulations.

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The Housing Community Leader ensures that residents receive compassionate, individual-directed care.  The Housing Community Leader is responsible for managing all aspects of the assisted and independent living operations, and compliance with federal and state regulations.

Housing Community Leader

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Dean - Foundation & Development Leader

The Foundation & Development Leader  fosters a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization.  The Foundation & Development Leader develops effective and productive relationships throughout the community for fundraising and financial support.

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Brandon - Finance Leader

The Finance Leader demonstrates fiscal responsibility.  The Finance Leader is the Chief Financial Officer, and functions as the financial manager for all operations of Samaritan Bethany. 

Human Resources

The Human Resources team supports the employees so they can do their best work.  Together, programs are developed for compensation and benefits, recruiting and hiring, training and development, performance management, and organizational culture.

Lynn - Staffing Coordinator (Recruiting)

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Angela - Human Resource Leader

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Reilly - Learning & Development Coordinator

Dog Friends

Dog, noun:  1. best friend     2. big fluff ball of love    3. angelic creature from heaven

We are a dog-friendly campus, which is wonderful for both staff and residents alike!  Some are true therapy dogs here for a visit.  Others are here with their owner while at work.












Tessa & Daisy



Stephany - Staffing Coordinator (Scheduling)

Samaritan Bethany Inc.

Samaritan Bethany is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.